Our services encompass all aspects in the life of a private equity fund, including consultation during the fund formation process, assistance with investor onboarding, fund closings, fund accounting & reporting, allocations, maintenance of distribution waterfall, and investor reporting.

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Inova Baltic and its investment partners are looking for attractive investment opportunties in the areas of company start-ups and small to medium size company acquisitions in the sectors with growth potential and with possible export links with Nordic markets.
We are happy to team up with Nordic businesses willing to relocate to the Baltics in order to strengthen their core business by exploring advantages available in this region.
Inova Baltic has a successfull track record in this area and is ready to share this for the benefit of your business success.

Ongoing Projects

Inova Medica was established in 2013 by Inova Baltic with the goal of creating new product distribution channels in the Baltic countries for Norgesplaster AS which is the Norwegian manufacturer of medical products. Norgesplaster AS was established in 1938 and today is one of the best knon brands in Norway. The company‘s brands of Norgesplaster, ScanSport and Snøgg are well known and appreciated by medical sector, sports professionals, pharmacists and the end users. Norgesplaster exports 65% of its production to 30 countries. Inova Medica is actively increasing customer base of that company within medical, first-aid care and sport medicine sectors (www.snogg.lt).

Completed Projects

Inova Baltic has started cooperation with Norwegian industry and construction group Hugaasgruppen in 2011. Inova Baltic has prepared for Hugaasgruppen its business development strategy in Lithuania, conducted feasibility study for establishment of metal construction unit, financing and real estate solution, ensuring smooth operations in the stage of activity start. Inova Baltic has actively participated in implementation of Hugaasgruppen strategy in Lithuania. In 2012 there was established metal construction production company Hugaas Construction with units in Klaipeda district. In cooperation with Inova Baltic, Hugaasgruppen within two years has rapidly expanded its production and technical supply activities in Lithuania. Currently Hugaasgruppen employs in its metal production, engineering and technical supplies subsidiaries in Lithuania over 130 people.

Print-it is a printing house focused on production of paper cover pocket books for Nordic, Polish and Lithuanian publishers.The company is a result of acquisition in Lithuania of a former Swedish printer Geson Baltija and relocation of printing equipment of AIT Trondheim from Norway to Gargzdai in Klaipeda region in 2005-2006.The focus of private equity investors from Norway was to benefit from well structured international value creation chain where integration of prudent supply, efficient and qualified labour, cutting edge logistics to clients in the Nordic and Baltic countries would create sustainable competitive advantage. Inova Baltic acts as finance and strategy adviser of the company and its shareholders.

AON Corporation is the leading provider of risk management services, insurance and reinsurance brokerage and human capital and management consulting. The company employs 36 000 people working in 500 offices in more than 120 countries. In 2001 Inova Baltic has been assisting AON Grieg (www.aon.no), the Norwegian office of AON group, in entering the Lithuanian insurance brokerage market.Inova Baltic has provided assistance on company establishment and conducted a study of the insurance and insurance brokerage market leading to definition of acquisition targets in the insurance brokerage sector of Lithuania. As a result of the study on the market entry acquisition of the leading Lithuanian insurance broker UAB DB Finalas has been implemented.

Inova Baltic has established Inova Synergy in 2011 with a goal of providing supply solutions and engineering services for Norwegian companies. This coincided with the wish of Norwegian construction companies to find ways to use construction companies, construction materials, engineering systems and component supplies from the Baltic states. Such needs were influenced by strongly growing Norwegian construction sector. Inova Synergy has formed a team of competent engineers and started providing services for Norwegian construction and industry companies. In 2014 Inova Baltic has decided to sell Inova Synergy to Norwegian enineering services company Siv.Ing.Arne Vaslag AS and industry and construction group Hugaasgruppen AS.

This is a start-up project initiated by Inova Baltic back in 1998 with a view to a huge potential of value added growth in Lithuanian agriculture.Noragra owned by Norwegian investors has been acquiring land as well as developing farm infrastructure. The agriculture company currently owns and uses over 2 400 ha of land and is focusing on grain and milk business.Noragra is also one of founders and an active member of cooperative Lietuviskas Ukis uniting 8 biggest farms in Sakiai region who successfully unite their efforts in joint sales and supply.