Inova Baltic acts as property adviser and manager having 70 000 sq.m. of real estate investments in the Baltics under management. The company represents and advises private and corporate real estate investors and investment funds focused on the Baltic opportunities.We are looking for attractive real estate investment opportunities meeting our set of criterias in the area of office, mixed use, warehousing & logistics and industrial properties in the Baltics.Please contact us to discuss cooperation possibilities in real estate investment.

Portfolio & Track record

The key parts of the real estate portfolio under management are office and education center of University of Management and Economics ISM (Kaunas, Lithuania), logistics center in V.A.Graiciuno str. (Vilnius, Lithuania), Avers logistics center (Riga, Lithuania), industrial & warehousing center of printing house Print-it (Gargzdai, Lithuania) and others. As an important part of Inova Baltic track record is the office building in Mesiniu str. in the Old Town of Vilnius originally developed for the Norwegian Embassy. The building was sold to financial investors in 2005.


We offer the following range of cooperation possibilities:

Investment advice»

Sale Lease Back»

Built to Suit»


Property management»

To discuss the possibilities for cooperation in the field of Investments in Real Estate, please contact us.

Ongoing projects

logistics_center_graiciuno_vilnius_lithuania Logistics center in V.A.Graiciuno str. (Vilnius, Lithuania)»
  Business center V1 (Vilnius, Lithuania)»
Logistics centre in Getlinu str. 18 (Riga, Latvia) Logistics centre in Getlinu str. 18 (Riga, Latvia)»
hugaas-construction-klaipeda Production facility in Industrijos str. 10A (Klaipėda, Lithuania)»

Completed projects

norwegian_embassy_vilnius_lithuania Office building in Mesiniu str. (Vilnius, Lithuania)»
printit_building_gargzdai_lithuania Industrial & warehousing center of printing house Print-it (Gargzdai, Lithuania)»
danplastas Warehousing and industrial center for windmill parts producer Danplastas (Tabariskes, Lithuania)»
jaksto_office_building Office building in Jaksto street (Vilnius, Lithuania)»
The office of Intermedix Lietuva (Kaunas, Lithuania)»


We offer investors investment advisory services and are happy to assist them in all stages of real estate investment – from strategy development and acquisition transaction to property management and divestiture. For corporate property owners we could be a real estate partner finding the right financial and investment solution leading to efficient use of equity.

We can offer companies sale lease back solutions in the areas of office and warehousing. In such a case we would buy a property and lease it back to the seller. By becoming coporate real estate partner we are happy to allow you to concentrate on your core business.

We can offer you tailor-made built to suit solutions in the areas of office and warehousing. Such an approach would allow companies having long term specific needs to get solutions not available in the real estate market.

Within the range of our properties under management we can provide right rental solutions which suit business needs. We are happy to discuss location specific adjustments which allow to facilitate your business.

We offer investors owning properties in the Baltic countries property management solution in the areas of warehousing, industrial property and office segments. By becoming your real estate partner we are happy to allow you to concentrate on your core business.

In August, 2008 the investment into 30 000 sq.m. warehousing and logistics center and located in commercial district of Vilnius has been made.This was a sales-lease back transaction from MG Valda, a real estate development company of MG Baltic group, and Ormina, a customs warehouses and logistics company of Ogmios group. They key tenants in the logistics center are Mineraliniai Vandenys, the leading alcohol and tobaco products wholesaler in Lithuania (, and MAP Lietuva, a subsidiary of Antalis group which is the biggest distributor of paper and communications support materials in Europe (

Business center V1 is located in the central part of Vilnius, on Tauras hill. Business center was built in 2008 and is 2300 sq. m. It has spacious underground and aboveground parking. Business center is easily accessible from any part of Vilnius city by public and private transport. The building is surrounded by large companies, important public institutions, foreign country embassies. Nearby located park creates great atmosphere for creativity and work breaks for employees and their guests.

There are 11 international and regional companies and organizations renting premises in the building. They are working in the sectors of media monitoring, market research, legal services, digital marketing, real estate development, software development, personnel recruitment. The largest tenant is TNS LT which is a subsidiary of one of the largest market research groups globally KANTAR TNS ( Inova Baltic has become the investment manager of the property starting from February, 2016.

Logistics centre in Getlinu str. 18, Riga has been acquired by our client Norwegian investment company in August 2007 from Avers distribution company based on sale-lease back deal. It is a 12 168 sq.m. high quality multifunctional warehousing property close to Riga centre and the main city roads and Via Baltica highway. Logistics centre consists of 7 088 sq.m. of Dry goods premises (+18C), 1 350 sq.m. of Cooler premises (+6C), 55 sq.m. of Freezer premises (-18C), 2 675 sq.m. of Office and other premises. The main tenant of the property until February 2014 was Baltic Logistics Solutions, a subsidiary of Sanitex, the leading consumer goods wholesaler in the Baltics. Starting from December, 2014 the logistics property is leased to Trialto Latvia SIA ( which has been for 15 years successfully operating as warehousing and logistics services provider.

We are developing production facility in Industrijos str. 10A in Klaipeda Free Economic Zone for a subsidiary of Norwegian industry group Hugaasgruppen. This is going to be 12 000 sq.m. built-to-suit facility for production of prefabricated steel constructions. Hugaasgruppen was established in year 2000 and currently owns 17 companies in Norway and Lithuania. Hugaasgruppen is working in Lithuania since December 2011 and currently employs in its Lithuanian subsidiaries more than 80 people in production, agricultural services and engineering. Major part of Hugaasgruppen‘s sales is related to clients in Norway and Denmark.

In July, 2003 Inova Baltic has completed a built-to-suit development and construction of the office building of 1 600 sq.m. in the Old Town of Vilnius.The anchor tenant of the building was the Norwegian Embassy in Lithuania. In 2005 Inova Baltic investors have decided to accept an offer of financial investors and sold the building to them.Inova Baltic currently owns a part of the building where its office is located.

Industrial and warehousing center of the printing house Print-it in Gargzdai is a result of industrial relocation project from Norway to Klaipeda region.It was decided by the project investors to consider real estate as a separate investment requiring separate focus and development.The industrial and warehousing center of 3 200 sq.m. is located in Gargzdai, Klaipeda district. The district is known for being operations place for a row of leading international and regional production companies.

On May, 2001 warehousing and industrial building of 4 236 sq.m. and landplot under the building in Tabariskes village Kaunas district were acquired from AB Turto Bankas.The state owned bank was specializing in management and sales of non-performing loans, redeemed from commercial banks. Inova Baltic has identified the investment oportunity focusing on the needs of medium size industrial companies willing to transfer business from Scandinavia to Lithuania.In March, 2003 the warehousing and industrail center has attracted attention of UAB Danplastas (, the only producer of fiberglass windmill parts in the Baltic states, and a joint venture company of Bach Composite Industry A/S (Denmark) and Poliplastas (Lithuania).Danplastas is a supplier of components for windmill production closely cooperating with the wind technology leader in the world – the Danish company “Vestas Wind Systems A/S ” (

In May, 2002 Inova Baltic has started cooperation with Norwegian investors owning an office building of 1 379 sq.m. in Jaksto str. 12, Vilnius.The major tenants of the property were insurance company Ergo, International Migration Organization, British Airways representative office, UAB Litesko – Dalkia group etc.During three years of cooperation with the tenants and investors Inova Baltic has managed to reveal the value of the building and prepared divestiture plan. In July, 2005 the building was successfully divested.

In 1999 the Norwegian School of Management BI has decided to expand its presence into the Baltic states and fill the gap of quality business education here.The Norwegian School of Management BI has chosen Kaunas as the start of the market entry and have founded the University of Management and Economics ISM ( Inova Baltic has become the real estate partner responsible for finding the most suitable location in Kaunas and developing a tailor made building there. Inova Baltic has acquired a neglected building in Kaunas downtown and developed a building of 3 640 sq.m. The company was responsible for the whole chain of issues from project management to financial solutions leading to completion of the project in August, 2000. After 15 years of cooperation and lease relations, ISM has decided to consolidate its activities in Vilnius starting August, 2015. Inova Baltic has identified IT shared service center Intermedix Lietuva as a new tenant for the property and has in May, 2015 concluded lease agreement. Inova Baltic has modernized the property according Intermedix Lietuva requirements. Intermedix Lietuva is a subsidiary of Intermedix Inc. ( which in more than 35 years is the leading business services provider in the US healthcare sector.